Stewardship is a core and longstanding American value. Yet in today’s dialogue about how to exercise that ethic, some of America’s strongest principles and ideas that can sustain our natural heritage and prosperity are underrepresented.

We believe that spurring entrepreneurism and innovation can create stronger environmental policy for America – a policy that weans us from top-down, one-size-fits all approaches and engages more public-private partnerships, creates incentives for stewardship, strengthens community initiative, and generates market-oriented solutions.

To reinvigorate the conversation about conservation with these conservative concepts and rebuild leadership on environmental issues, the Conservation Leadership Council (CLC) has gathered a distinguished group of visionary business executives, former government officials, public policy experts, and community leaders.

The CLC advances innovative, solutions-oriented environmental and conservation policies at the local, regional and national levels.

Current conservation and environmental policy too often defaults to one-size-fits-all, top-down approaches that hinder innovation, curtail entrepreneurship and disregard local initiative.

We believe many of the best solutions to the country’s environmental challenges will be found in the market-oriented policies, public-private partnerships and bottom-up solutions at work in many successful local initiatives occurring across the country.

The CLC started by identifying and engaging a cadre of new thought leaders with real-world experience solving conservation related problems. We are amplifying these promising ideas from the many local places where they are inspired to our national environmental dialogue where they can improve policy.

Spend some time on our website reading the policy papers that we have already commissioned. The proposals here – rooted in values of fiscal discipline, limited government, market entrepreneurship, and personal accountability – provide a valuable and innovative perspective.

At roundtables across the country, the CLC is promoting new options for national policy by encouraging conservative voices to join the conversation about the environment.

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